IEEE Computer Society Task Force on Cluster Computing (TFCC), formed in early 1999, is committed to the promotion of all aspects of cluster computing including research, technological development and education. In order to achieve this, we have launched several activities including promoting an open community discussion, holding events that bring leading experts together, the instigation of a popular book donation program and the provision of advise to commercial bodies. In mid 2004, TFCC and TCSA (Technical Committee on Supercomputing Applications) have merged to form a new Technical Committee on Scalable Computing (TCSC), which will continue to promote Cluster Computing activities.

Mission and Scope

The TFCC annual conference series (part of TCSC from 2005) serves as a major international forum for presenting and sharing recent accomplishments and technological developments in the field of cluster computing as well as the use of cluster systems for scientific and commercial applications. It involves participants (researchers, developers, and users) from academia, industry, laboratories, and commerce, coming together to discuss recent advances and trends in, but not limited to:

  • system modeling and architecture
  • hardware systems and networks
  • single system image
  • system software and tools
  • programming models, environments, and languages
  • algorithms and applications
  • performance modeling and evaluation
  • resource management and scheduling
  • high availability
  • system management and administration

Upcoming events

Cluster 2023

Location: Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA
General Co-chairs:

  • Scott Pakin, Los Alamos National Lab, USA
  • Antonio J. Peña, Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC), Spain
Program Co-chairs:
  • Sunita Chandrasekaran, University of Delaware, USA
  • Frank Mueller, North Carolina State University, USA